About the South Interlake
55 Plus Centre
The South Interlake 55 Plus Centre opened in March 1995. The centre is managed by an Executive Director who reports to a board of directors elected by the general membership.

The South Interlake 55 Plus, located in the Oddfellows Hall, is a non-profit charitable organization focusing on the retired and/or those 55 years of age and over by providing direct and indirect services which will enhance the well-being of older adults.

The South Interlake 55 Plus provides programs and services to support older adults who live independently to lead healthy and dignified lives.

2017-18 South Interlake 55 Plus Board of Directors
President:                         Eadie McIntyre

Vice-President:                Kathy Turner

Past-President:                 Ray Massey

Secretary:                         Barb Hidlebaugh

Treasurer:                         Freda Sewell

Directors:    Robin Allan                     Verna Kakowchyk

                    Arlene Patterson               Paul Pelletier

              ​      Wayne Johnson                 Dawn Mitchell
                    Laurie Briggs​​             


Mission Statement

​​The South Interlake 55 Plus is a volunteer based, non-profit charitable organization with a  mission to encourage all older adults to improve their quality of life by providing educational, recreational, health and social opportunities

​Executive Director: Cheryl Cathers
​Administrative Assistant: TBA