About the South Interlake
55 Plus Centre
The South Interlake 55 Plus Centre opened in March 1995. The centre is managed by an Executive Director who reports to a board of directors elected by the general membership.

The South Interlake 55 Plus, located in the Oddfellows Hall, is a non-profit charitable organization focusing on the retired and/or those 55 years of age and over by providing direct and indirect services which will enhance the well-being of older adults.

The South Interlake 55 Plus provides programs and services to support older adults who live independently to lead healthy and dignified lives.

2016 South Interlake 55 Plus Board of Directors
President:                         Eadie McIntyre

Vice-President:                Kathy Turner

Past-President:                 Ray Massey

Secretary:                         Barb Hidlebaugh

Treasurer:                         Freda Sewell

Executive Director:          Cheryl Cathers

Program Coordinator/ ​     Kimberly Brown
​Office Assistant:               ​

Directors:    Robin Allan                     Verna Kakowchyk

                    Arlene Patterson               Paul Pelletier

              ​      Wayne Johnson                 Dawn Mitchell             


Mission Statement

​​The South Interlake 55 Plus is a volunteer based, non-profit charitable organization with a  mission to encourage all older adults to improve their quality of life by providing educational, recreational, health and social opportunities