Surplus Items Sale Info
       There will be a sale at the 55 plus August 17-18, 2017. Remaining items will be available on Kijiji or by purchase from the center.​​ See the links below for individual item descriptions and prices (no Kijiji account is required to view the ads). Call the center at 204-467-2582 or email for further inquiries.

   Black text means the item is no
               longer available.​

Garage Sale Notice
​Desktop Computer Sets
Older Model Computer
Older Model Computer #2
​​​​​Computer Desks
Wireless Printer​
All-In-One Printer​
D-Link Router​
Ovislink Switch​
PS2 Adapter​
Computer Mouse​
Candle holders​ - Chandelier style
Candle holders - Bowl style​
Christmas Tree​